Sri Lakshmi Durgai

How to pray
Mother Goddess removes all the bad qualities and reinforces the good qualities in all her devotees.With 3 omnipotent eyes and 18 hands she protects and bestows peace prosperity and happiness.

Best day to offer prayers
  • Tuesday-Ragu pooja
  • Friday
  • Sunday
  • Ashtami, Navami, Dasami, Sathurdasi, Pournami, Maham, Pooram, Adipooram, Navarathiri, Masi Maham

Best offerings
  • Payasam
  • Kesari
  • Chakkarai Sadham

Pujai offering
  • Thiri Sathi puja
  • Sagasra Nama Archanai
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Pooja & Events
Sri Lakshmi Durgai Amman Abishegam
31.03.2018 - Saturday   

Sri Veeramakaliamman Abishegam
31.03.2018 - Saturday   

31.03.2018 - Saturday   
Abishegam 10.30 am

Panguni Uthiram -3rd Day
31.03.2018 - Saturday   
(Manjal Neer Vilayau) (Silver Chapparam)

Panguni Uthiram -2nd Day
30.03.2018 - Friday   
(Paalkudam, Kaavadi) (Mayil Vaganam)

Panguni Uthiram - 1st Day
29.03.2018 - Thursday   
Silver Chariot Procession

29.03.2018 - Thursday   

Sri Rama Navami
25.03.2018 - Sunday   

Monthly Karthigai
22.03.2018 - Thursday   

Sukla Chathurthi
21.03.2018 - Wednesday   

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